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​Perry Washington was by far my favorite vendor to work with on our wedding day and throughout the process. He was Responsive, Excited​, and so very helpful  every step of the way. I had a lot of demands from aDJ, I needed help with sound equipment in 3 different areas of our venue, as well as having high expectations of what would be played at our wedding. Perry set up his equipment in all 3 rooms, providing sound for ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception, showed up early afternoon on the day of the wedding and assured me via text that everything was going great, so I never had to worry. The sound was impeccable for our soloist and string quartet, cocktail hour was perfect, and the reception was INCREDIBLE. Perry played all the songs I requested, and I have never seen a dance floor so packed from start to the very end!! We had endless compliments about the music, which is so important to my husband and I, and Perry really did us justice in this way. Not to mention a killer dance party!! We are so grateful  and would recommend to anyone who likes fun! Many of our engaged friends took his card and have no doubt he'll be seeing more of us on the dance floor in the future. 

Megan 1/31/2015

Doing what I love is a dream come true, so with that said, I express my joy through my music, lighting and sound systems. When people hire a DJ it's a very personal time for them as they are bringing me into their family and friends as someone who will make their event everything they want it to be and more. Weddings are my number #1 love. They're always about LFGP... Love, Fun and a Great Party! Relatives sometimes travel in from all over the world to celebrate with you on your very special day and there are no do overs. The music needs to be right, the sound systems also need to be right and most of all my homework has to done so your wedding or event goes just as planned. Your input and musical taste is very important to me because that day "isn't" about me it's about you! So the more that I can represent you the better your event will be (who knows your guess better then you). Lastly I price my DJ company on an old saying my dad taught me, "All because you're getting Married doesn't mean you're rich"! It means you want to have a great day with your family and friends and one they'll soon not forget. But also at a price where you know you're really getting your money worth. That's why I started and have owned the Master Piece Mobile DJ and Sound Company for many many years as a 5 Star company! Call me and Experience The Best! 720-270-8830

​Perry Washington